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Beauty Tools

Eco Tools Four Piece Touch-up Set

Daily makeup touches help your favorite makeup last all day! To brighten your complexion midday, use the finishing brush. Add a touch of color before a night out with the...


Organyc Organic Cotton Rounds

Made with Certified Organic Cotton


Organyc Organic Cotton Swabs

Made with Certified Organic Cotton


Organyc Organic Cotton Balls

Made with Certified Organic Cotton

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EcoTools Loofah Sponge

Use the all natural loofah sponge to exfoliate and reveal your radiant skin. This sponge expands when wet.

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EcoTools Hair Brush - Full Volume Styler

Full Volume Styler hair brush creats gorgeous volume and style, while cruelty-free bristles distribute hair's moisture for the ultimate shine. made in China

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EcoTools Lash & Brow Duo

Use the comb to effortlessly separate each lash and the brush end to smooth and tame stray brow hairs. Lash & Brow Duo is made from soft, cruelty-free bristles, has a...

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EcoTools Foot Brush and Pumice

EcoTools Foot Brush and Pumice


EcoTools Recycled Detailed Lip Brush

The detailed lip brush is beautifully soft with cruelty-free & recycled materials. Comes with a cap to protect the bristles.

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EcoTools Shower Cap

Shower cap to keep your hair dry while showering or bathing. Comes with a storage case. Made from organic cotton & EVA. Made in China 

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EcoTools Recycled Shower Gloves

Look beautiful and live beautifully every day with the bath and shower gloves. Slip your hands in the gloves, wet and apply your favourite body wash. Massage all over the...


EcoTools Bamboo 6pc Eye Set

Start and finish your eye brush collection with just one simple set! The Essential Eye Set is every eye brush you need to add the perfect natural, bold or smokey...